professional cyclocross racer


Name: Craig Richey     Age: 28
Hometown: Smithers, British Columbia
Disciplines: Cyclocross, Road and Cross Country Mountain Biking


Craig has been living in Victoria for the last ten years. As a kid he wrestled, was a competitive cross country skier and rode mountain bikes recreationally. After high school he moved Victoria to attend the University of Victoria and pursue cycling more seriously. During his first year at UVIC he joined the triathlon club that contained many future cycling stars such as mountain bike world champion Catharine Pendrel.

Over the next eight years he progressed as a competitive cyclist while simultaneously completing an undergraduate business degree and balancing a position with an advertising firm. In September of 2010 Craig made the commitment to dedicate his life to his career as a professional cyclist. Check out Craig's race resume and see how successful he has been since then!

Do you know what we love about Craig Richey? It's his dedication to the sports he loves. Craig is an ambassador for all cycling avenues and Nordic skiing in Canada. He works tirelessly to bring these sports to his communities and is doing an exceptional job! Not only is Craig a hard-worker but he is brilliant and is currently pursuing higher education. We are excited to see what Craig is going to continue to bring to the world of endurance sports!



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